Final First Draft – Raganrok Viral Video W/O Animations

Hey guys just an update, Still working on the tunes but otherwise the first final draft of the viral video is here,
I have to admit the video isn’t very exciting as it doesn’t include the key factor, but the first part of the video is the raw cut up and arranged footage,
then it shows that exported footage after being edited in Adobe After effects to give the CCTV style in the second part.

But now that we have a digital copy, Paul (Our amazing Artist) will be able to create an animated monster from the game to precisely fit into the video,
which would help explain why were running like mad men…

You can check the video here:
It will be available for viewing @ (2.48am – GMT – 03/05/2012)

Paul, You can find the raw edited footage in the group Dropbox folder > Gordo > Viral > “Raw Edited”

P.S – As for sound I will be putting a subtle electrical hiss with a repeating beep every 12 seconds.


The base for the game is done for making and removing a random number of orks and making a randomised background

From what I can tell all the error’s and things that was making the game lag before have been removed this demo will generate a random distance for the stage to stop moving and will generate a random number of ork there is still not a hit motion or death for the ork yet they are still in production. After killing the ork’s (they will just continue breathing and not attack) you will then be able to move across the screen where the hole process will start again this will be the base of the game with one or two other barriers and obstacles. I hope you enjoy and leave your feedback after playing as it is very useful for us

Screen grab of base for the game

Game work in progress background with ork swings and taunt (code needs debugging couple of cliches)

The game is starting to come together now we are still working on a lot of things to make it as good as possible will keep you up to date where we can and hope you like how it is coming along all comments are welcome

(please do remember the game does have one or two cliches that we are working on at the moment)


screen grab of flash swf

(image is a link)

Screen shots from the Promotional Video Shoot

Here are some of the shots taken from the video shoot we did yesterday, shot on a Canon XH A1 camera at the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

Raw footage for the promotional video advertisement

Raw footage for the promotional video advertisement shot at Leeds Liverpool Canal

As Gordo has already said, we had a couple of problems leading up to the shoot, such as the loans desk at Leed Metropolitan University not giving us a battery to operate the camera with while on location (D’oh), but once we secured all the equipment, filming everything was a breeze.
Stay tuned for the W.I.P. screens of the video from Gordo soon! 🙂

Promo filming log

We went out and did the filming, but not exactly as planned, we filmed at 2.30pm but got great light which should make the contrast perfect on the shots so I can add that grainy black and white effect.
The more the merrier, but As paul found out at 2am we had no battery for the camera we loaned so i returned to uni to get the battery early afternoon, we got to the site and managed to charge one of the dead batteries I was supplied with for 20mins near the location before the shop closed. Paul and I had attended but we had no word back from Chris so we decided to go ahead and do the filming alone. We walked along a canal which I ha never been to, It was awesome weather, quet and genrally a nice place to go for a walk, We were very lucky as we had a choice of 6 different bridges that we could get our shots from, but we found the one we needed and wanted instantly, and Dare I say it, the first take was the best, no messing around, and the camera didn’t die in the time we were filming either!!! Boomshanka!!

I cant show any footage just yet, but here’s some shots from us filming at the location!!!


Promo Storyboard, 6AM FILMING!!!

Thats right guys, were filming at 6am!!! that means getting up before 12pm!!!! =O
Nah, I’m joking, were totally getting up early though, Ive made plenty of storyboards,
but here’s the latest one! Were going in with a main concept and some of the locations
will have to be worked with, so whatever works best, but we will get plenty of footage
so the animation can be imported with ease!!!

Boss Music

ImageIve posted quite a few drafts of the boss music, its quite complex compared to the other songs ive been making so its kinda choppy, but I can really see a great song just waiting to be polished!

Unfortunately I cannot post a song file on here, So you’ll have to check the group drop box folder under Group > Gordo > Soundtrack > Soundtrack and FX > C Boss and There is a Wav draft which has been exported for your constructive criticism needs =]